Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Dance-Based Workouts

Dance Cardio

One of the most effective cardio workout. Tracy Anderson introduced dance cardio to world. Choreographed, freestyle, trampoline one... She created a whole series, but now she's not the only one, a lot of former TA trainers created their own training methods with Dance Cardio in it.

Just few of them:

Simone de la Rue (Body by Simone)
Nicole Winhoffer (Addicted to Sweat)
Anna Kaiser (AKT InMotion)

Of course there are more trainers from TA Studio with their training styles, but those 3 are getting very succesful.

I actually did a little test with four women. I made them try those workouts.

The Result: BDS workouts are doable for everyone, it's a mix of ballet, Pilates and TAM, you will get results, but it isn't such unique experience as TAM or some barre/dance workouts.
Nicole's ATS are fun and intensive, her dvds are worthy but it takes time to learn a choreographies and toning sequences, Overall there isn't much info about Nicole's phylisophy of toning muscles and designing a body but if you are familiar with Tracy Anderson Method you will like this one, it's very similiar.
And finally Anna's AKT workout. The most unique workout from all of those three, strenght part is very intensive and it's a mix of everything... Dancing part is easy and fun and you will never get bored with this one!

Each of them has a different toning workouts but they all use dance as a form of cardio.

Nicole has a best choreographies.
Tracy has a best workout program.
Anna has the most interesting workout.
Simone has the most doable workout.

Even if they fitness routine are slightly different they goal is the same.. and that is to create a strong and lean body.

And you will achieve that, but you have to do Dance Cardio, it really makes difference.